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Choose between moderate (more rocker too) or deep V hull. Deck is same for each of them.

Not suitable for novice paddler. Hard to cut ends have an extra green line. Cut there, then plane down on place. Hard to bend parts on deck - use kerf-bending technique if needed. Use moment glue with spray accelerator to fix things temporary - this will help a lot.

It's possible that bulkheads and temporary frames to need some trimming. Not tested for fit in 1:10 scale model. Use at your own risk, or make a scaled model first 565x53.5 cm.

Expedition kayak to cover big distances fast. Big volume (front compartment 140 ltr, day hatch 22 ltr, back compartment 90 ltr.) 4 sheet of plywood 2400x1200 mm. Puzzle style joints.

First sheet is same in each version - mostly deck parts. You can named your kayak by your own will. Floki is the project name.

You can build as much as you want Floki kayaks. Yes, you can make them for profit. You may consider donaton in this case. But it's not obligatory.

Have a happy building.

Jordan Stavrev

EDIT: new file in download area - biggerDH.zip. Easy fix for more place and bigger day hatch.

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