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  • 545x56
  • Stripbuild
  • Very fast
  • Very stable
  • Big load capacity
  • Seaworthy

Here is what Michael Foley, longtime kayak builder, wrote about Anuket:
"I haven build kayaks for around twelve years. i built about 18 kayaks now. I have always been looking for that perfect kayak . They told me that I would not find it .Than i came across Jordans free Anuket plans. I built this kayak and it is the perfect kayak. This kayak does every thing I was looking for in a kayak. It is a very fast kayak and very stable it turns very good for a 17 footer. I am always waiting on my mates to catch up. In the rough this is where this kayak comes alive, the rougher the better. It handles like you would not believe. It tracks well on the waves it lifts up over the waves. Not like a lot of other kayaks that want to go through the waves. It is very stable side on to the waves . I go places in this kayak where I would not go in my other kayaks. It also goes really well in the wind. No weather cocking and it tracks into the wind really good. It is absolute joy to paddle. You don't come back buggered like paddling a lot of other kayaks. It is a kayak that you can paddle all day with no effect. I would highly recommend this kayak to anyone that wanted to build a full strip. You will not find a better plan and i know because i have been looking for ten years"

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