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On this website visitors will find mostly free plans for kayaks, small boats and accessories. Designs was made by me, for me or for my friends on their demands. Some are in development phase, some are feautured projects, but if you download and use plans from here, you agree to make this at your own risk. I'm not obligated with anything except providing those plans to you.
Of course, you can ask questions, I'll answer when I can.
On the right side is a paypal donation option. Do not be afraid to use it. Or don't use it. But I have to pay for hosting and time to keep this site alive. And most important for me - to be able to produce more free plans.
I've use free software like PolyCAD, Delftship, Sailcut, Blender and many others. Solely or in conjunction. Please, check "Links' section.

There is no need users to go through registration process to be able to publish content (comments) on this site.However, everyone has an acount somewhere (Facebook, Twitter, Google etc). Log in whith existing acount. This will give you opportunity to publish comments and some other things.

  • Stay in boatbuilding, kayaking and sailing area in your comments.
  • No offenses, swearing and obscene language.
  • Definitely, no spam
  • Don't use external links in text.

Please, do not redistribute downloaded files. Sometime I made changes, new versions, adding extra things etc. It will be better people to download directly from here.

Jordan Stavrev